ACBP plans to offer scholarships for various birth-related purposes. Two scholarships have been created for opening as time and funds permit, and we hope to create more in the future.


We encourage your tax-deductible donations to these scholarships in one of these ways. To be sure your donation is used as intended, please indicate which scholarship(s) it applies to when sending it.

  • Send a check made out to ACBP to P.O. Box 17501, Tucson, AZ 85731.
  • Send through PayPal to
  • Send through Venmo to @acbpinc.
  • Contact us at to arrange a donation by credit card.

Rebekah Knapp Scholarship for Education Expenses


The Rebekah Knapp scholarship has been established to provide financial support for the necessary education expenses of a birth professional in initial or supplemental training. This purpose directly aligns with the association’s vision and mission by supporting and equipping the recipient for their chosen profession.

Shonda Parker Scholarship for ACBP Conference

This scholarship is not yet open for applications. It will be posted here and announced when it becomes available.