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Vendor Policy and Instructions

  1. Selection Process: Selection of vendors (and vendor displays) will be based on relevance to the theme and mission of the Association of Christian Birth Professionals (ACBP) and is within the sole discretion of ACBP. Vendors may be included or excluded for any reason as may be determined to be in the best interests of the organization and particular event.
  2. The prospective vendor will complete the Vendor Registration Application and Vendor Agreement form(s). This may be done on paper or via website as deemed by the ACBP Board and Conference Committee.  The vendor will submit payment at the time of registration.
  3. Rate(s) for vendor space will be included on the Vendor Registration Application on the ACBP website,, under “Vendors”.
  4. The vendor will be notified of approval via email by the ACBP Board or Conference Committee. If the vendor application is denied, the vendor will be provided a full refund.
  5. Vendor hours will be noted in the acceptance notification to the vendor, including move in/set up hours, hours to be available to conference attendees and break down deadline(s).
  6. The vendor will maintain a professional demeanor and respect the mission and purpose of the Association of Christian Birth Professionals. The Association of Christian Birth Professionals will reserve the right to dissolve the relationship with any vendor and/or terminate the participation or attendance at any event of any vendor that does not honor this policy.
  7. ACBP reserves the right to restrict or decline exhibits that become objectionable because of noise, method of operation, theme, materials or those which, in general, detract from the character and mission of the Association of Christian Birth Professionals.
  8. Cancellation policy: The Vendor Display Fee is non-refundable unless ACBP cancels the event, in which case the fee will be returned within fourteen (14) business days of such cancellation. If an event is rescheduled, vendors will have the option to transfer their fee to the new event, or to request that their fee be returned.In the event a vendor must cancel, the vendor may transfer his/her fee to another vendor upon a written request to the ACBP Conference Committee within 30 calendar days of the first day of the conference. If he/she is unable to transfer the fee to another suitable vendor, then the fee is forfeited.  ACBP will maintain a waiting list of vendors and will assist in the transfer of a vendor space, if needed. In no event will ACBP be responsible for any additional costs or expenses incurred by any vendor, including in the event of any changes to or cancellation of the event by ACBP.
  9. Vendors or their representatives may not damage or deface the walls of the building or adjacent fixtures or structures. If such damage occurs, the vendor is liable to the owner of the property for property damage.
  10. All exhibit and materials must be confined to the assigned booth space. Vendor spaces may not be shared by two different companies, organizations or entities.
  11. The vendor is solely responsible for the his/her exhibit material and should insure against loss or damage. ACBP, Inc is not responsible for loss or damage. All items of value should be secured. All property of the vendor is understood to remain in his/her care, custody and control in transit to and from and within the confines of the vendor area.
  12. Fire and Safety Laws: Federal, state and local laws must be strictly observed. All material used in displays must be flame proof. Smoking is prohibited in exhibit, conference, and event areas. Exhibits cannot block aisles or fire exits.  Storage of any kind cannot be between a vendor booth and the back wall.  Please refer to the policies of the venue for guidelines specific to the location.

I acknowledge and agree to the Vendor Policy of the Association of Christian Birth Professionals.

Vendor/Exhibitor Application-Registration Form

  • Conference sponsors will have their business name and information in the conference program and on conference banners for the entire conference. Sponsorship will include one complimentary ticket to the Gala/Dinner.

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