Wednesday, September 15, 2021

6:30-8:00 am Breakfast Breakfast Provided for Hotel Guests Only
8:00-8:30 am Check in/Registration
8:30-9:00 am Devotionals/Announcements
9:00-10:15 am Kelli Brien Dying to be Heard:  Birth: The Heart of the Matter, Racial Equity in Birth Practice Cultural and Social Sensitivity in birth and prenatal care
10:15-10:30 am Break Provided
10:30-12 noon Martha Addington Domestic Violence: Insights and Strategies for Perinatal Professionals
12:00-1:00 pm Lunch Provided
1:00-1:30 pm Vendor shopping
1:30-2:30 pm Pamela Golliet, CPM Universal Precautions: Controversies and the latest Research
2:30-3:45 pm Ireena Keeslar, CPM Communications Skills & Teaching Students. Are You Really Listening?
3:45-4:00 pm Break Provided
4:00-5:00 pm Jill Whitfield, CNM Postpartum Hemorrhage and Safety Bundles
6:00-9:00 pm GALA and Annual Meeting Dinner and meeting provided

Thursday, September 16, 2021

6:30-8:00 am
6:30-8:00 am Breakfast Breakfast provided for Hotel Guests Only
8:30-8:45 am Devotionals/Announcements
9:00-10:30 am James Creekmore, JD Legal FAQ
10:30-10:45 am Break Provided
10:45-noon Noel Leithart, CPM MTHFR
12:00-1:00 pm Lunch Provided
1:00-2:15 pm Kelli Brien The Atmosphere of Birth
2:30-4:00 pm Tea High Tea provded
4:00-5:00 pm Round tables
4:00-5:00 pm Janelle Rebbe Teaching Skills Practicum
5:00 – 8:00 pm Dinner Dinner On Your Own
8:00 – Until Hospitality Room: Pajama Party & Laughs

Friday, September 17, 2021

6:30-8:00 am Breakfast Breakfast provided for Hotel Guests Only
8:30-9:00 am Devotionals/Announcements
9:00-10:00 am Martha Addington Healing the Caregiver After a Traumatic Birth
10:00-11:00 am Ireena Keeslar, CPM Work Life Balance-for the Married Professional
10:00 -11:00 am Rebekah Knapp, TM, CPM Work Life Balance for the Single Professional
11:00-12:00 pm Noel Leithart, CPM Healing the Gut
12:00-1:00 pm Lunch and Farewell Lunch Provided

This Conference Agenda is subject to change.   It will be updated as necessary.